What is Extravaganza?

ExtravaganzaInspiring, life-changing and electrifying are a few ways Distributors describe Herbalife's biggest and most spectacular event of the year. Every year, thousands of Distributors from all across North America gather to experience the big picture: Herbalife's vision, leadership, incredible products and proven business opportunity. This powerful event, designed for any level you're at the marketing plan, offers you the opportunity to:

This year we are celebrating Herbalife's 30th year anniversary and sharing the vision of the Herbalife decade. Be there as we unveil the plan and success strategies for the future. Make the commitment to attend and it will be one of the most important things you'll ever do for yourself, your team and your business.

Who Should Attend?

Herbalife Tri-Leaf


If you've just started the business, Extravaganza is a crucial event where you have the opportunity to experience what's Herbalife all about. You will learn about Herbalife's vision, mission and values, the science behind the products and the proven business opportunity. Plus, you will get to know the Herbalife's top leaders and doctors, receive high-level training to kickoff your business, and meet and exchange ideas with other Distributors. It's the event that will change your life.

Herbalife Tri-Leaf


As a Supervisor, you've already committed to develop and grow your business. Attending Extravaganza will give you the strategies to continue accelerating to the next level by receiving new valuable training, networking to further develop your business and sharing in each other's successes. Plus, as a Supervisor you have the opportunity to qualify for fabulous promotions to enhance your Extravaganza experience. Be there, and be prepared to move up the marketing plan.

Herbalife Tri-Leaf

TAB Team

As a TAB Team member, Extravaganza presents the perfect opportunity to grow your business even more. Bring your entire organization and get the motivation and training to set a strong plan of action and ignite your business. Plus, grow your downline by bringing your new Distributors and presenting the Herbalife vision. The more people you bring, the more you can accelerate your success. Plus, celebrate your successes as a team by qualifying to exciting promotions. Don't miss it, and grow your business at high speed.